Douglas Nakashima

Current Position

Chief, Section for Small Islands and Indigenous Knowledge, UNESCO

UNESCO focal point for indigenous issues


Douglas Nakashima is Chief of the Small Islands and Indigenous Knowledge Section in UNESCO. He currently heads the UNESCO programme on «Local and Indigenous Knowledge Systems» (LINKS) that addresses the role of indigenous knowledge holders in environmental management including climate change, as well as knowledge transmission in local communities. He has worked in the indigenous knowledge field for over 30 years. His research focused on the knowledge, practice and worldviews of Canadian Inuit with respect to their arctic environment. Subsequent work with Cree First Nations of subarctic James Bay (Canada) brought indigenous knowledge into environmental and social impact assessment processes.

Recent publications

2012 Weathering Uncertainty: Indigenous Knowledge for Climate Change Assessment and Adaptation. In collaboration with Galloway McLean, K., Thulstrup, H.D., Ramos Castillo, A. and Rubis, J.T. UNESCO/UNU: Paris/Darwin.

2009 Climate Change and Arctic Sustainable Development: scientific, social, cultural and educational challenges. D. Nakashima (coordinator), Paris, UNESCO. 376 pp.

2009 Learning and Knowing in Indigenous Societies Today. P. Bates, M. Chiba, S. Kube and D. Nakashima (eds) UNESCO: Paris, 128 pp

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