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Getting to UNESCO


The conference will take place in UNESCO at 125 Avenue de Suffren, 75007 Paris.

To enter UNESCO, please bring your passport or national ID; you will need it to get through security and enter UNESCO premises.

The most convenient metro and bus stations for UNESCO Fontenoy within a 5-10 min walking distance are:

  • Ségur (metro line 10)
  • Cambronne (metro line 6)
  • Ecole Militaire (metro line 8)
  • Place de Fontenoy/UNESCO (bus no 28)




The Pré-conference will take place in the Grand Auditorium Jean Rouch of the Musée de l'Homme at 17 Place du Trocadéro, 75016 Paris.

The most convenient metro station for Musée de l'Homme is Trocadéro (metro line 6 and line 9)

The Musée de l'Homme is also accessible by bus (bus 20, 30, 32 and 63) and by river shuttles, station Tour Eiffel (Batobus, Bateaux parisiens, Vedettes de Paris)




Free “Metro maps” are available at the ticket office of any metro station.

  1. Metro/RER (underground/subway):
  • On the Parisian metro system, tickets can be purchased individually (1,80€) or in the form of a book of 10 (a "carnet" 14,10€) and each ticket is valid for one trip, regardless of the distance traveled.
  • These tickets can be purchased at almost all metro stations (metro machines normally accept cash and credit card, but using coins is more convenient).
  • Please, keep your ticket with you until you exit the metro/RER.
  • When you stamp your ticket in metro gates, put your luggage first, they close quite rapidly. If they are too heavy/ large for metro gate, ask the ticket seller to open the main metal gate.
  • Look carefully at the signs, there are often several ways to reach the metro platform:  stairs, elevators, or escalators. But sometimes there are only stairs.
  1. Bus

Using the metro is preferable, but here are some indications for the bus. Use the same tickets as for the metro, one ticket per trip but without the right to transfer. You must punch the ticket as you get on the bus. Buses which pass near UNESCO are the 28, 80, 82, 87 and 92. For further information on travel in Paris and the Paris region, you may consult the Paris Transport website:

  1. Taxi

It is possible to order a taxi by calling one of the following numbers. These are the main Parisian taxi companies.

  • Alpha-Taxis : +33 (0) 1 45 85 85 85
  • Taxi Bleus : +33 (0) 8 91 70 10 10
  • Taxi G7: +33 (0) 1 47 39 47 39


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