Mitigation and Indigenous Peoples; Indigenous Peoples Rights in Rokan Hilir, Indonesia

Mitigation and Indigenous Peoples;  Indigenous Peoples Rights in  Rokan Hilir, Indonesia

Nukila EVANTY (Indonesia)

RIGHTS group, Indonesia

1. In Riau Indonesia, the most rural communities/Indigenous Peoples having the problem on lack secure rights to their lands.

2. Government ignore on land-use plans and ignore the customary rights of Indigenous Peoples and allocate lands to development & conservation initiatives without taking local livelihoods into account, moreover the Government prioritise the expansion of oil palm & pulpwood plantation by the companies.

3. The development of economic policy on allocation and management of natural resources have been showed that the government, corporate or businesses indirectly have created the damages to environment and ecology, therefore prompt victim of these environmental damages is indigenous peoples who are residing near the forests.

4. Mitigation and Indigenous peoples need the strategy to ensure that Indigenous peoples should be integrated in decision-making about the future of their forests, mitigation on ' haze"" impact to their safe and healthy environment because of ""the land clearing"", mitigation is to empower community for consultation, mitigation in terms to expand that the businesses or companies, conservationists and government officials all need to adjust their plans to indigenous peoples’ rights are respected.



Nukila Evanty is a specialist in indigenous people, human rights, social justice and international environmental law. An Indonesian, born in Bagan Siapi-Api, Riau, Indonesia. Belongs to one of Indigenous people in Rokan Hilir, Riau. She joined with RIGHTS group and ISDS (the Institute for Strategic and Development Studies). She finished her first master degree in public international law in 2001 from Faculty of Law University of Groningen, then , master degree in International Law and International Relations from Faculty of Law UNSW,Australia. She worked as human rights specialist with UN Residence Coordinator Office Indonesia, then she focuses on teaching and research at RIGHTS group and ISDS as well as  teaching at university. She has published many books and articles in journals, one of her notes published by Council of Councils Global Memo; "the World Conference on Indigenous Peoples; a View from Indonesia", she will publish the book end 2015 regarding "Indigenous Peoples and their Environment in Indonesia".

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