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Robert Redford and Indigenous Leaders, Artists Speak Out on Climate

 7 DECEMBER 2015

PARIS–(ENEWSPF)–December 6, 2015 –Robert Redford and indigenous artists, activists and storytellers from across the globe took the stage today during the international climate talks in Paris at UNESCO to share captivating stories about precious places threatened by climate change that must be saved before it’s too late.

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Africa: Indigenous People Need Support to Reinforce Resilience Against Climate Change - Unesco

 27 NOVEMBER 2015

Building resilience "is deeply rooted in [the] lifestyles and social solidarity" of the more than 400 million indigenous people - from the Samis of northern Europe, Berbers in Morocco to Vanuatu communities in the Pacific - who are feeling the adverse effects of climate change even they contribute little to its causes, according to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

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Climate Guardians

 6 DECEMBER 2015

"We are both guardians of the forest." -Mundiya Kepenga's statement to Robert Redford at today's UNESCO event entitled "An Afternoon with Robert Redford: Storytelling for Global Action." 

Today, I was privileged to listen to three guardians.

Mundiya Kepenga is a Papuan traditional Leader from Papua New Guinea who, as he states, testifies about climate change with his eyes. He is a witness to climate change, which he is experiencing through the loss of his people's drinking water and the disappearance of native species. He is working to preserve the forests of his area from loggers in the face of this broader threat. Mundiya is the guardian of his forests and thereby the guardian of his people, their history and their future.

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Indigenous Peoples and Climate Change: Interview of Victoria Tauli-Corpuz


Los pueblos indígenas y el cambio climático: entrevista con Diego Pacheco


An afternoon with Robert Redford



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